Kia Ora!

KiKi are a kiwi couple, travelling as far and wide as possible, and building our dream life together at the same time. Our mantra is work hard, play hard and we absolutely live by this

To think our travel journey started when we were sitting in the bathtub one day; Kieran threw the idea out there that we should move abroad for while and see what happens, Beki thought this was a great idea! Since then, we have seen over 40 countries together, become vegetarian, got engaged, and boundlessly expanded our horizons. We now consider ourselves experts in weekend and short breaks – we know exactly how to see and do the most with limited amounts of time, and we write comprehensive guides to let you know as well. So how about getting to know us a little better?…

Introducing Kieran!

Kieran is the maps guy in this travel duo, he takes care of the planning and is an expert in finding the best price for everything – each hard earned dollar is put to its best use. An avid history buff and nature lover, his favourite things to do while travelling include free city walking tours and hikes through any terrain. Kieran loves being in, on and around the water. He is passionate about fishing, diving and all other water sports, so it’s not surprising that he is a qualified boat builder by trade

Views between cliffs in Caminito del Rey
Introducing Beki!

Beki is the chief photographer on all expeditions, she externalizes the big ideas and is the go-getter of the team. She is what you would call a ‘foodie’, and has a knack for sniffing out the best places to eat. Whether it’s skydiving, getting lost in the middle of the night or sampling a local speciality, anything adventurous puts a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye. Beki’s love for cooking has only grown since becoming vegetarian, she loves to share her creations with anyone willing to try. She is known for her sunny disposition and tendency to get random tattoos

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