Riding on camel back through the dunes of the Sahara desert will always be among the most surreal experiences we’ve had. The colour of the sand and height of the dunes is exactly how you imagine it to be, but the camels are much taller! The Sahara desert is serene, sounds of camel strides and crunching sand are a peaceful soundtrack on the journey into the dunes as the sun sets. After dark, the drums come out in the Bedouin camps and fill the air with music and laughter. Over head is the clearest night sky, you could star gaze for hours if only the warm, cosy bed in your Bedouin tent wasn’t calling out to you. And if you thought sunset was good, just wait until you see sunrise early the next morning.

It was all a bit beyond words, so we’ve put our Sahara journey into pictures – add this to your bucket list now, and try to reach the end of the gallery before you run off to book your ticket to Morocco!

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